NL/Minato & What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do (WDCD), a design platform based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was launched in 2011 in the Netherlands to connect social issues and design. SHIBAURA HOUSE has formed a partnership with WDCD. Our international design competition, ‘No Waste Challenge’ began on January 12th, 2021!

For six years, the ‘No Waste Challenge’ focuses on the issue of waste in the world — including Tokyo. We are looking for innovative ideas from designers, entrepreneurs, students and others from all over the world to reduce waste and reimagine current production and consumption cycles.

The application period will be open for about 3 months from January 12th to April 1st, 2021. Ultimately, the winning idea will receive prize money and support to help realize the idea.


【Activity Report 1】

‘No Waste Challenge’ 2021, an international competition for design ideas on waste, attracted 1409 unique ideas from around the world and 53 from Tokyo. In May, the first round of judging was conducted by a panel of experts, and five projects from Tokyo were selected to proceed to the international judging!

【Activity Report 2】

Sixteen winners, including Tokyo, were selected by the international jury of What Design Can Do. From Tokyo, the winner was “Project R”, a “Living Lab for Sustainability” that teaches people about recycling-based design techniques and lifestyles. Each of the selected projects will receive a €10.000 cash prize and a development program to support their realization. For more information, please visit WDCD’s global website (