Game Changer

The Olympic Committee of the Netherlands (NOC*NSF), with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Japan and in collaboration with the Japan Sport Council (JSC) and three Tokyo municipalities (Adachi-ku, Edogawa-ku and Nishi-Tokyo City), has been implementing the “Game Changer – Social Change through Paralympic Sports” project since 2017 with the goal of integrating people with disabilities in society.

Better integration of people with disabilities is one of the main objectives of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the Japanese government for the 2020 Games. In the last few decades NOC*NSF and sports organization have gained a lot of experience in the field of Paralympics and sport for people with an impairment. Sports, by all means, is an excellent way to give people with disabilities self-confidence, to facilitate their integration in society as well as to strengthen and enhance the contact between individuals with and without an impairment. NOC*NSF is pleased to share this experience and knowledge with Japan and, therefore, NOC*NSF has decided to put the integration of people with disabilities at the heart of its social project.

During COVID-19 travel restrictions in the Netherlands and Japan the Game Changer project will continue remotely through online workshops and meetings.

【Activity Report】

On Thursday, August 19, 2021, just before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, we held an online conference to reflect on the fruitful cooperation and achievements we have made so far. Project participants, experts and cooperation partners from both Japan and the Netherlands will share their experiences and insights on para-sports. The event aims to provide an opportunity to think about the importance of social participation of people with disabilities through sports and the future potential of the project.

The video recording of the online conference can be viewed via the following link