SUPER T (e)market

With a piano performance by Tomoko Mukaiyama, a pianist and artist based in the Netherlands, Reinier van Brummelen, a leading Dutch cinematographer, will present a virtual collage of works by Japanese and Dutch artists as an “artist showcase”.

21 February, 12:00 PM (Amsterdam time) 8:00 PM (Tokyo time) Available for reviewing from Thursday, March 11 onwards

Participating artists:
Tomoko Mukaiyama (Pianist/Artist), Atsunobu Katagiri (Florist), 環ROY (Musician, Rapper), Fuyuhiko Takata  (Contemporary artist, Filmmaker), Maison the Faux (Fashion designer, Artist), Noa Jansma (Multimedia designer), Simo Tse + Jonas Ersland (Designer, Artist) and more!

SUPER T-market:
SUPER T is a series of cross-disciplinary events that serve as a platform for the promotion of a new generation of artists and designers.

After Thursday, 11 March, the work will be available for a one-year period on

Contact: Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation