Overcome the Present and Envision the Future NL HOUSE, a Project that Connects Japan and the Netherlands (Limited Time Only)

SHIBAURA HOUSE will be transformed into NL HOUSE for a limited period from 23rd of July to 5th of September. This is a collaborative project with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan.

NL HOUSE is a project where the entire SHIBAURA HOUSE will have a Dutch makeover. Two special guests per day from the Japanese cultural community will be invited to experience a variety of programs related to the Netherlands.

This is what the stay will be like at NL HOUSE.

We will welcome the guests with a cup of coffee specially procured by a Dutch roaster. The guests will then be invited to see an exhibition on collaborative projects that connect Japan and the Netherlands. When the evening comes, it will be time for cooking. The guests will prepare some Dutch home cooking together with our staff members. When it is ready, dinner will be served in the SHIBAURA HOUSE 2021.07 living room. There will be an online talk after this, where a special guest from the Netherlands will be waiting to have a dialogue with the guests. The topic will be about the current situations and activities of each of the guests from the Netherlands and from Japan, and how we could survive during the time of COVID-19.

The experience of being in NL HOUSE will be as if you are visiting your friend’s place. The reception and exhibition areas will be open to the public free of charge, and the programs will be published and available online.