MONO JAPAN’s first exhibition and online talk event in Tokyo on international creative collaboration
On October 15 and 16 within the grounds of Tokyo’s new landmark, Tokyo Torch, MONO JAPAN and its affiliates will hold an exhibition at the Onland Craft Market entitled “MONO & TALKS,” showcasing international creative cooperation in the craft industries.  While MONO JAPAN is based in the Netherlands, this will be our first-ever exhibition in Japan.  At the same time, we’ll also be holding an online talk event connecting Japan and the Netherlands.

MONO JAPAN’s International Collaboration
MONO JAPAN has a network of Dutch creatives and Japanese maker industry and since 2016, runs a Japanese crafts and design fair to introduce carefully curated selection of modern Japanese artisanal products and makers to Europe. What has become clear to us from getting to know creatives from both countries is that these encounters produce results capitalizing on their respective strong points, and that they have been able to learn things and get stimulation from each other.In order to carry out fruitful collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands, with their widely different languages and cultures, thorough networking and support are essential. At our MONO & TALKS exhibition we will introduce the two Artist in Residence programs we have held so far by means of display and discussion. As our focus is not only on product but also on process, the content of the program will be informative for people from local areas in Japan that want to welcome overseas creatives, as well as Japanese creatives who aim to open up overseas business activities.

Realizing the exhibition in a circular way
In order to reflect a contemporary Dutch society where there is attention for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in every aspect of daily life, MONO & TALKS will put into practice the concept of circular economy and zero waste in the exhibition design, which means only reusable materials that can be locally sourced will be used.

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